Are Plumbers Intelligent? A Comprehensive Look

Skilled plumbers are some of the most intelligent and well-trained professionals you'll ever meet. It takes an average of five years to become a full-fledged plumber, which is longer than the duration of a bachelor's degree. The theory of multiple intelligences, proposed by Dr. Howard Gardner in 1983, suggests that traditional notions of intelligence, based on I.

Q., do not account for the full range of human potential. Plumbers work on a variety of tasks, such as installing new water fixtures, sprinkler systems, toilets, and irrigation systems. In addition, when plumbers work in people's homes, they need to have good communication skills to build trust and make the customer feel comfortable. Industrial plumbers often work on industrial grade boilers, sewer lines, and pipes and fittings.

According to the Government of Canada's Job Bank report, demand for plumbers remains stable. In order to become a plumber, one must complete a pre-apprenticeship plumbing program, complete more than 8,000 hours of apprentice job training, and pass a challenging certification exam with the Ontario College of Trades. Contrary to popular belief, plumbers are not slow or unfit; they must keep up with changes in their field and continue to develop their technical knowledge. As building codes change, plumbers are needed to inspect and install new sprinkler systems so that buildings can comply with the new safety codes. Smart plumbers stay up-to-date with trends in their area of expertise so they can offer customers the latest products and services. According to the Government of Canada's Job Bank salary report, there is a wide range for plumbers' salaries.

The need for plumbers is similar to the need for doctors: everyone everywhere will always need them. Being a plumber doesn't necessarily mean you're doing house calls and fixing bathrooms all day (unless you want to, of course).

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